After years of factory farms, many farmers are returning to more eco-friendly permaculture principles, focusing on diversifying their landscape and moving away from the use of chemicals.
It’s called permaculture, and advocates say it could feed the world.
If you are interested in permaculture and are looking for land to create a vision of your own, why not look at land in rural Kentucky instead of Costa Rica?
Are you inspired by these stories? Do you have an idea rooted in bringing peace and justice to all things? We accept grant
Benjamin Lowder at Open Mind Art Space, installation. Photo: Bryan Birdman Mier "It's time to remember the forgotten truths
Steve Khan and Karma Burkhar, PSAC Pride Turns 5 Speaker Series, Toronto, Canada. Participants spark conversations on reducing
In order to truly live out the ethics that were first set out for permaculture, the values of frugality, thrift, prudence, and simplicity need to be reworked into how we care for the earth and care for people.
Journeying into a South American reverie is "Camino Rojo" which features Argentinian trio, Lulacruza. One of the most blissful
In the "Mosquito Flats" neighborhood devastated by the historic 2008 flood in Iowa City, can an orchard of pawpaw trees lead to a revival of agroforestry and a food hub along the Iowa River?
The setup was similar to last year, however a few changes and improvements were made. The yoga area was expanded and the