After years of factory farms, many farmers are returning to more eco-friendly permaculture principles, focusing on diversifying their landscape and moving away from the use of chemicals.
It’s called permaculture, and advocates say it could feed the world.
If you are interested in permaculture and are looking for land to create a vision of your own, why not look at land in rural Kentucky instead of Costa Rica?
Are you inspired by these stories? Do you have an idea rooted in bringing peace and justice to all things? We accept grant
Open Mind Art Space street view. Photo: Bryan Birdman Mier Buckminster Fuller Geodesic Dome at SIUE These emotional and tactile
Michelle R. Churches, Caritas Project, Ecorse, Michigan, USA. A children's garden helps beautify and unite a community to
In order to truly live out the ethics that were first set out for permaculture, the values of frugality, thrift, prudence, and simplicity need to be reworked into how we care for the earth and care for people.
The language of music can often speak to more souls than the language of words. Hailing from Oakland, California is David
In the "Mosquito Flats" neighborhood devastated by the historic 2008 flood in Iowa City, can an orchard of pawpaw trees lead to a revival of agroforestry and a food hub along the Iowa River?
Another challenge that Envision faces every year is safe transport from the festival to the local communities at which many
While attending a byo-dynamics permaculture conference in the hills of Eastern Tennessee, I had the pleasure of communing
Our East Africa Grantmaking Hub at The Pollination Project has been busy planting seeds of change in Uganda and Kenya. Here's some of the "soil building" projects our East Africa team funded in the past few weeks.
There it dawned on me -- soil is a living system or to put it another way the mud is living -- later I knew this type of personification as embodiment.
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It was my body that told me to make change. It was my body that gave me no way to ignore the fact that I was my own worst enemy.
I started volunteering with Earth Matter several years ago because I was drawn to the chickens, rabbits and goats. Aggressive squirrels, threatening rats and dive-bombing pigeons made up most of my wildlife interactions in NYC, and I longed to be around creatures more friendly and fun.
From Oakland, California to Busia, Kenya, many of our grantees this week are planting gardens and educating their communities about nutritious food, organic gardening and permaculture principles. We are honored to give $1000 seed grants to the following projects all over the world.
It's a lofty goal to shift things around for these villagers who battle extreme poverty and have a "zero" diet. They survive by growing and eating genetically modified corn, heavily laden with pesticides.
After this intense immersion into the social fabric of our city's deportee community, we have learned that there are many creative ways to approach social issues and that we are ready to take on the new challenges ahead through more economically viable and scalable model of social enterprise in urban farming.