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Anything else you'd like to say? I read in an interview that you like to write and produce music through an alter ego? Can
Someone slipped a sheet of paper into my mailbox. It looked like junk, and, in my haste, I almost threw it out.
From CBS's Person of Interest to USA's Mr. Robot, Showtime's upcoming Dark Net and every law enforcement show from NBC's The Blacklist to CBS's Scorpion (above), TV viewers have seen massive data collection hurtling toward us for years
Commissioner López: The Bronx, as with many locations throughout the City, has seen a rise in on-location filming as more
CBS has more shows about geniuses than any other network ever -- forensic and detective shows, threat-of-the-week shows, The Big Bang Theory -- at least a dozen programs, dwarfing the number of CBS shows about idiots (Big Brother).
When you point a finger at someone you are pointing one right back at yourself. Staying silent means that you're agreeing and accepting that these homophobic practices and this lack of progress is valid.
We're very excited to be joined by special guest, Sabir Pirzada, staff writer on the CBS series Person of Interest, for this episode, and there's a lot to cover!
Michael J. Burg whispers his wisdom conspiratorially to me across our luxurious table at the Russian Tea Room.
Carter's reach went further than Finch's team of number-chasers. Crime boss Elias had his own respect for her, and so he
After killing Detective Carter last week on "Person of Interest," Simmons was taken down by Fusco. But Fusco is a better man now, thanks to Carter, so he arrests Simmons rather than kill him.
Henson's character saved the day, but paid the ultimate price in the Tuesday, Nov. 19 episode of "Person of Interest." The
"Person of Interest" is rooting for Root. Read more on TV Guide
CBS announced its new schedule for the 2013-2014 season and it's filled with some changes and new comedies. "Person of Interest
Award-winning actor Michael Emerson is best known for playing the bad guy on "Lost." On HuffPost Live Wednesday, he provided
Award-winning actor Michael Emerson is best known for playing the bad guy on "Lost," and gives us his insight into the ending, and the infamous smoke monster.
In other casting news... Travis Van Winkle is "Hart Of Dixie"-bound. The "Happy Endings" actor is headed to the CW series
According to THR, Steiner Studios -- home of hotly anticipated midseason dramas "The Carrie Diaries" and "The Following" -- escaped
Keith David is joining "Touch." "The Cape" alum will guest star as Dutch, an ex-Navy Seal and old friend of Keifer Sutherland's
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One friend, Ashlee Perez, has begun a fund-raising campaign on Indiegogo to aid in the effort. "He is an awesome person with