person of the year

Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Robert Mueller and Christine Blasey Ford are among contenders announced by the weekly newsmagazine.
Time Magazine Has Named the “Silence-Breakers” behind the #MeToo Movement “Person of the Year.”
President Trump is now tweeting false claims about being selected for Time Magazine’s “Person Of The Year.”
Trump also criticized Time for calling him “President of the Divided States”.
People change the way we live, but so do things. We now talk about the "Internet of Things," where our home and work machines are all connected to the Internet.
Jenner edges out Amy Schumer, Bradley Cooper and Donald Trump.
As we do every year, we are pre-empting our regular "Friday Talking Points" column, in order to bring you our "best and worst of 2015" list.
Loath as we are to admit it, there was no single Biggest Winner Of 2014, because the award must be handed, collectively, to the Republican Party. A case could be made for Mitch McConnell, since he will win the biggest prize of any Republican next year: control of the United States Senate.
In the piece, Lybarger connects Putin's youth experience as a KGB officer to his political personality. "Driving the governmental
Incomprehensibly, John Kerry was not on Time's short list. The U.S. secretary of state may not deal with cosmic truths, but by any secular standard Kerry has, in one short year, justifiably laid claim to the blessings the gospels promise to peacemakers.
Worst politician: There was no shortage of nominees in this category, as usual. Reince Priebus, Anthony Weiner, Trey Radel and crack-smoking mayor of Toronto Rob Ford all did their best to claim the title of Worst Politician, in fact.
It is with pride that I announce the Acronym TV person of the year is Edward Snowden. Edward Snowden opened up a Pandora's box that cannot be closed.
Little boys and girls in Catholic schools all across the world are still being taught that homosexuality is "intrinsically disordered." And Catholic teachers have been removed from jobs simply for exercising their rights as gay Americans. I haven't heard the pope weigh in or stop it, while many other people are actually fighting the fight for them.
He delights in meeting children as well as the disabled. He picks up the phone and cold-calls people just to say hello or to tell them to hang in there. He drives a beat-up old car. So here are the top 10 things we could do to emulate Pope Francis and how he might approach the holidays.
"The Holy Father is not looking to become famous or to receive honors. But if the choice of Person of Year helps spread the
Is any single person synonymous with Washington dysfunction and deserving of Person of the Year? Given a lack of leadership, perhaps "Nobody" is the best vote to represent Washington gridlock.
The magazine also covered major stories such as the rise of Buddhism and or spirituality in general. One cover featured in
While some of us are still figuring out our resolutions, Bruce Springsteen has already racked up an impressive win: person
Photo Credit: TIME Magazine Photo Credit: TIME Magazine Photo Credit: TIME Magazine TIME named its first person of the year
Time's Michael Scherer wrote in a profile of the president: President Barack Obama has been named Time's Person of the Year