person of the year

The president's eldest son called the honor a "marketing gimmick" and said it should have gone to Hong Kong protesters.
Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Robert Mueller and Christine Blasey Ford are among contenders announced by the weekly newsmagazine.
Time Magazine Has Named the “Silence-Breakers” behind the #MeToo Movement “Person of the Year.”
President Trump is now tweeting false claims about being selected for Time Magazine’s “Person Of The Year.”
Trump also criticized Time for calling him “President of the Divided States”.
People change the way we live, but so do things. We now talk about the "Internet of Things," where our home and work machines are all connected to the Internet.
Jenner edges out Amy Schumer, Bradley Cooper and Donald Trump.
As we do every year, we are pre-empting our regular "Friday Talking Points" column, in order to bring you our "best and worst of 2015" list.
Loath as we are to admit it, there was no single Biggest Winner Of 2014, because the award must be handed, collectively, to the Republican Party. A case could be made for Mitch McConnell, since he will win the biggest prize of any Republican next year: control of the United States Senate.
"The KGB, after all, perfected the thuggery, espionage, and aimless bureaucracy that are hallmarks of Putin’s regime," writes