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“It’s incumbent on us in the state legislature to ... make sure that consumers are not being taken advantage of,” Assemblywoman Nily Rozic (D) told HuffPost.
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This charity turns unwanted toiletries into helpful kits for the homeless.
How do you fix a problem if the people in power don’t see a problem?
Whip out your magnifying glasses and trench coats, ladies -- it's time to play detective. Not in any dark alleys or smoke-filled offices, but in the cosmetics aisle at the drug store, at the salon, and online.
In one study, patients recovered from a cardiovascular incident twice as fast following a positive trigger than following
Post-50 shoppers are making more of their purchases online than you might think. While seniors may not be the most active demographic on social media, they aren't by any means absent from the internet.
Women just scored a significant victory in the U.S. Supreme Court. In Harris v. Quinn, decided just last month, the Supreme Court declared that childcare providers and personal care aids (PCAs attend to hygiene, housekeeping, and meal preparation for the elderly and infirm) are not required to unionize.
Stand (or Sit) and Deliver Some call it the greatest bathroom debate of all: When you wipe, do you sit or stand? Everyone
This Thanksgiving, when you're feeling grateful for your feast, also think about the napkins, the well-scrubbed faces around your table and the prospect of cleaning the oven when it's all over.
It's no surprise that most older adults, when given the choice, say they would prefer to stay in their own homes for as long as possible. But what if those older adults develop physical and cognitive challenges? Who helps them fulfill their preference to age in place?