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You stepped it up again a few years ago when my life took an unexpected turn. My little life blueprint I'd built had been
I think of Challenges as self-directed projects to change my behavior or spark some personal growth or development I'm clear that I'd like to have. Sometimes I want a mindset shift or want to make (or break) a habit, or I just have a sort of big project I want to sprint to finish.
With that being said how serious are you about your writing? Is this something you're doing for the love of money instead
On the workplace review website Glassdoor, Southwest is rated one of the top places to work in the U.S. Excerpts from employees
Through my work with individuals and teams who set and achieve visions, I've found that an actionable vision connects and
My personal life. Michelle Dempsey is an entrepreneur, internationally published author, and powerful public speaker. Visit
Being active in social media is great! Sharing with the public things that you should really keep private to a small group
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Our physical presence follows a process of adaptation, first with the reflexes of our body, then with the functions of the
You will probably come across many 20-somethings today who feel that their 20s are for having fun, experimenting and contemplating
I've now recovered my appreciation that America is still America including its brilliance and its flaws and we've been through
If you feel unsettled, like you're meant for something more in life - that's the inner rumblings of a dream that wants to happen. It awaits your attention.
How often at work and home do we sabotage our relationships and bring on more of what we don't want instead of what we do
The next step is to put it somewhere where you can see it on a daily basis. In our case we put our picture of the Fuji mountain
So where do you start if you have no idea how to meditate, or have tried but feel like you just can't do it?
5. Send The Elevator Back Down Exposing yourself to cities and cultures around the world grants you the ability to give back