Personal protective equipment

“We’re five months into this and there are still shortages of gowns, hair covers, shoe covers, masks, N95 masks,” said the president of National Nurses United.
“Based on the demands of social distancing and precautions, there will not be enough money," one superintendent said.
Workers in Chicago and L.A. claim the fast-food giant didn’t provide adequate protection and workers weren’t told when staff tested positive for COVID-19.
The irony of the reelection slogan "Keep America Great" on required protective gear amid a pandemic was not lost.
Trump took issue with a nurse's claim that the delivery of PPE has been "sporadic."
A whistleblower said in a complaint that a volunteer coronavirus force recruited by Jared Kushner was "falling short" and had "little to show" for their work.
The president also told ABC News that his efforts to reopen parts of the country could result in "some" additional deaths, "but we have to get our country open."
The vice president wore a protective face mask and glasses on his tour of the GM facility in Indiana after facing criticism for not wearing a mask at the Mayo Clinic.
The agency wants about 10,000 “mission-critical” employees to return to work, but says it doesn't have enough protective equipment for all of them.
Elizabeth Warren and Richard Blumenthal are pressing the country's largest medical suppliers to shed light on an "opaque" program.