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On left, Jordan Matelsky, Chief Technology Officer, and on right, Seal-Bin Han, Chief Executive Officer. Photos: FitMango
Sure, diet and exercise consistency matter, but there may be other habits that are interfering with your goals. Habits that you don't even realize are sabotaging your efforts.
Only by maximizing your current output will you be able to scale your business and get aggressive with those growth goals. So don't let outdated methods and archaic software keep you from clearing the efficiency hurdle on the way to becoming more profitable.
It's one thing to find a great love and mouth off about it. It's another entirely to be trained to do so. So I'm embarking on the "Let's make it official!" leg of this passion: I'm becoming a certified personal trainer. Which means in a few months, I'll be mouthing off more than ever.
There are five aspects the average client needs to pay attention to when searching for a personal trainer.
My point is that the idea of a seven to 10-minute workout is what we as humans are best at. Wanting change with minimal effort. People will say that slower workouts never work. I disagree.
"I often see people in the restroom who walk right by the sinks without pausing. Then they go out to the machines, the weights
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Never ask a client to do something that you wouldn't do yourself. If you tell a person to drop and do 1000 burpees, you best have done that within the last 72 hours and if not then get ready to drop and do it with them!
Frankly, I'm getting tired of reaching around in the car to grab a drink/toy/video game from one of my children, only to find I've pulled out my back/shoulder/neck.
An exercise training program must continually build, constantly offering the body and muscles new challenges so as not to plateau, and to continue to rev up the metabolism and build stamina. But how that is done is truly relative and specific to each client.
Starting a new health and fitness regime, changing careers or simply dealing with the challenges thrown up in day-to-day life can be daunting and intimidating. Learning to coach yourself through situations like this is possible.
I like to train alone. I don't care for classes or working out with others. I prefer to do my own thing and rely on the kindness of others if I need help with a spot.
Keeping your body healthy and well nourished with healthy food choices will keep your metabolism working most efficiently. Combine this with a calorie deficit and watch your fat cells shrink. It all works together!
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4. Surround yourself with a good support group. If you find that your friends and family aren't supporting you in your healthy
7. Our yoga teachers. They convince us that we have the potential to focus on one thing at a time.This is quite an accomplishment
I am honored to be a personal trainer. That is why I take what I do so seriously and have called out many a personal trainer in the industry, asking "Are you for real?"
If you're springing for a personal trainer, you want to make sure you're getting the best workout for your time. "That hour