When we hear the term "twins," we often think of two things that are alike -- twin beds, twin turbo engines, etc. However, as the father of twins (who happen to turn ten-years-old today), I can attest to the fact that twins are most certainly quite different from one another.
Pope Francis has taken to heart David Scialpi's recognition that "people are becoming brand and brands have to become people."
I want to take this opportunity to thank all those involved in the production and development of Disney•Pixar's film "Inside Out." The film is named "Inside Out" because it is about the inner workings of the mind, which controls how people behave.
We as a nation have embraced all kinds of dumb slang, from "swag" to "hepcat." (Never mind, hepcat is awesome.) But some words never get out of specific pockets of America, where they easily weed out the locals from the transplants.
Author Sy Montgomery says octopuses are smart and have souls.
Coming as close as we did to losing our marriage, we learned to truly care for and appreciate each other to a degree that we may not have experienced otherwise.
Having relationship upsets and disappointments doesn't necessarily mean that we're a mismatch. These things happen, even in the best partnerships and they are not indicators that we're not meant to be together. They are part of the process. The real question has to do with whether or not each of us is willing to learn and grow ourselves into whole, loving human beings.
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You can make your job more successful and enjoyable if you take the time to understand your coworkers. Being on everyone's radar as the guy who works with people and leverages their skills, instead of the guy who pushes and shoves people, will make you the superstar in any organization.
There are two specific personalities that often show up together on technology businesses -- the Creative and the Analytical. These two styles are diametrically opposed in terms of how they approach problems, yet they both bring the most value to a product in development.
Vacation personalities, travel styles, and interests vary among us homo touristicus. Travelers inevitably have different goals and expectations. Being patient, compassionate and showing empathy towards each other is critical.
Of the personality traits studied, the only difference between breed types that emerged was in psychoticism, such that owners
The study was published online May 4, 2012 in the journal Animal Behaviour. The researchers point to Jane Goodall as inspiration
We can't help loving Bill Clinton -- and hating him and admiring him and laughing at him and listening to him -- because there are so few people so visibly, so extremely, so outrageously human. He is who we are.
The protagonists of hit movies, usually conflicted about where they are in life (conflict makes for a good story after all) cannot help but reflect our own inner workings.
Having discovered that to today's worried Americans the mantra of "experience" loses to the appeal of "change," McCain is trying to use his obsolete maverick laurels to recast himself as the "change" candidate.