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Researchers studied interviews of people's past and present partners to find out that more often than not, we date those similar to our exes.
The good news? Researchers say that you can work at cultivating these traits.
Artist Debbie Tung also illustrates her struggles with anxiety and how her husband supports her through it all.
This article first appeared on I have been writing about introversion for 10 years now. That’s a surprising
What would happen if you said yes to everything? This is the premise of a Jim Carrey movie, but it's also a character type
Your handwriting is revealing a lot more than you might think.
If you're a Type A, this explanation is probably a bit unsatisfying. Sorry.
While using words like yoga, exercise and lift may land you in the "Health Buff" personality type, simply putting in "I dunno" and "I'll fill this out later" may score you a brand new personality type all your own, "Too Lazy To Date."
We are –- each one of us –- probably more one than the other. The categories explain a lot about us; how we approach nature
"So, next time you ask yourself why your neighbor drives a Lamborghini while you are stuck with an old Volvo, you'll know
JH: Of course, as we think about our personalities, we’re not all perfect. We may want to maximize or change some things