If a fetus is a person, the unborn child's lawyer argues, Florida has locked one up without due process.
Abortion rights groups said the 2021 law put providers at risk of prosecution for a variety of crimes.
Lynn M. Paltrow joins HuffPost Live to discuss the dangers of having states decide pregnant women's rights.
When fetuses are given the same legal rights as people, pregnant women pay the price.
The Whanganui River will be represented in court by its own guardians.
I do not think President-elect Donald Trump has his mind completely made up on the subject of stem cell research. Certainly I cannot find any quotes from him opposing the research.
The word "servitude" is defined as "slavery: a condition in which one lacks liberty... to determine one's course of action or way of life"--Merriam-Webster. Hold that thought.
Mike Pence, Republican nominee for Vice President, is a personhood believer, demanding full legal rights--for every fertilized human egg. This is no casual opinion; the former Governor of Indiana intends to impose his belief on America.