The current pertussis vaccine isn't as effective as the old shots.
"I loved being Riley's Mum for those four weeks. I wish it were longer."
It is now "cool" to be willfully ignorant. Any sentence which begins with "I'm not a scientist," but ends with public policy suggestions regarding it, highlights the point. Ignorance has become a homeowner in America's discourse. It has a seat at the "grown folks" table and is asked its opinion. How in the hell did we get here?
As a mom, I understand the importance of keeping yourself and your family as healthy as possible. There are many different precautions you can take to stay on top of your family's health, and these tips are just a few ways you can get started.
If we would get the Ebola vaccine that exists somewhere in the future, then we need to examine our reasons for not utilizing the vaccines that exist right now.
Ignorance, false claims to expertise and scientific illiteracy are threatening our children's health.
In theory, lowering the rates of pertussis in teens and adults could also reduce whooping cough in infants, who can contract
By Kevin Murphy Sept 5 (Reuters) - Whooping cough has reached epidemic proportions in Texas and could hit a 50-year high