To prevent that from happening, try these four surprising tips to keep a realistically bright, if not sunny, outlook. By
Optimism or pessimism? Either stance can be backed by solid argument, but we argue that neither suits the Renaissance age we live in so much as a third frame: activism.
In the 1990s, many people bought into a simplistic fantasy that the benefits of greater openness and connectedness - of "globalization
In looking at the regressive platforms of the party, the pessimistic, hate-filled rhetoric of its speakers, the racism and xenophobia of its members, and, most egregiously, the repugnance and incompetence of its now-officially nominated candidate, I can only pity the person who has somehow, inexplicably, unfathomably, hitched a ride on this particular train.
There has undoubtedly been a lot of "mourning in America," but it is not all doom and gloom. Frustration and anger are not necessarily bad, but making decisions based out of fear, misinformation, or emotion is. Let's do better America.
Pessimism serves different purposes. But it is dangerous. 2015 was the best year throughout the history for most people. There
We often wonder if what we say to our children makes an impact or if it goes into one ear and out the other. I was delighted to hear from my babysitter the next day that my daughter had mentioned our discussion and how it made sense to her and that she was going to try and focus on her many blessings.
Latin Americas and Scandinavians are more likely to be chipper than, say, the Chinese or the Iraqis (of course, there are very real non-genetic reasons for their respective unhappiness too). Is it possible, then, that as more Hispanics intermarry and intermingle and inter-you-know-what, they will spread their happiness genes among more and more Americans?
There's a benefit to seeing the glass half-empty.
Some of your friends who are committed to pessimism may question or judge your new attitude. Some may find fault with it. But some will be intrigued and drawn to it and to you. And you may also find that there are other "closet optimists" who welcome your perspective into their world. What have you got to lose by trying?
Sometimes life's better when it's not viewed through rose-colored glasses. Sure, optimism certainly has its health benefits
Because let's face it: Life isn't always sunshine and roses.
“Occupational success and economic prosperity represent important life goals for many people, and promote life satisfaction