pet allergies

grew up around dogs, and I think it's a wonderful part of childhood. There are a lot of things that our kids will miss out on.
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Winter means that more people are staying indoors to avoid the cold. What many people may not know is that they can be exposed to indoor allergens that are lurking within their home.
Environmental changes, medications and allergen immunotherapy are effective strategies that can help pet allergy sufferers to treat their symptoms and live with a pet allergy while still keeping their best friend around.
If your baby is prone to pet allergies, consider some of these highly effective solutions before giving away your pet.
The study authored by Dr. Cole Johnson is the first of its kind. The researchers set out to see whether so-called "hypoallergenic" pups were shedding less Canis familiaris 1 around their homes.
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In the new study, researchers collected dust samples from more than 173 homes with one dog. All told, they looked at 60 different