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We have faith that you've been working on your costume for a couple weeks by now, but what about your beloved pet's costume? If you are crunched for time, we have the perfect solution: a Beanie Baby tag.
There's nothing cuter than a pet in a Halloween costume, except, you know, a pet that's not in a Halloween costume. With
Impressively, reports ABC News, Crusoe's owner, Ryan Beauchesne, makes all of the dog's costumes by hand. Dr. Crusoe Werewolf
Need to see more adorable animals in costumes? We've got you covered. Can you imagine your fur baby flying through the city
7. Chia pet 15. Spock. for sale at ThinkGeek 5. Triceratops Alyse & Remi 10. Mad scientist 11. Astronaut 3. Three-headed
Nancy reveals some of the most scandalous costumes available for Halloween this year.
If you're still looking for some last-minute Halloween costume inspiration, look no further than Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund
"I told her she could pick out anything," the Hanover father said. "But I was hoping it would be one of the cheaper ones
Betty White did it, Hulk Hogan did it, even Nicolas Cage did it (sort of). So it was only a matter of time before an amazingly