Pet Grooming

Tell me about how you got started in the grooming business? I needed a job when I was 18 and my mom mentioned that PetSmart
Could today's children experience "sibling rivalry" -- with the family dog? As an increasing number of Americans consider their pets to be like children -- and themselves to be "pet parents" -- the concept of sibling rivalry is taking on a whole new dimension.
You can knit a sweater out of it. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so when you rock a jacket made out
James Guiliani has gone from mafia to mutts in the new OWN show "The Diamond Collar" premiering this week. The former mafia street enforcer turned animal advocate will join us live to with a special four-legged friend to share tips on animal care.
Creative pet grooming competitions prove that dogs can be your best friend AND best work of art.
Keep Your Pets Clean Good grooming isn't just about appearances. Regular bathing with a specially formulated pet shampoo
For Camille Pisciotta, this is just like any other day, except that it isn't. By the time she's unlocked the gate at her Pampered Poodle Palace, her big blue eyes are tearing up.
List and captions courtesy of MNN Regardless of what tools you choose, be sure to incorporate grooming into your regular
If you're among the millions of Americans who wants to cut costs and increase your savings, taking a back-to-basics approach to life can offer a number of advantages. If you're looking for ways to slash pet-related expenses, there are smart and not-so-smart strategies available to accomplish your goal.