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"To be honest, I can really only catch the photo if [the dogs] are relaxed and peaceful -- so each photo is an authentic
Take a look at some of Zabawa's stunning portraits below. Zabawa has shot dozens of cats and dogs with their humans since
Activists across the country are trying to change the conversation about an animal that’s, unfortunately, gotten a very bad wrap over the years: the pit bull.
Finding her subjects mostly through word of mouth around the homeless community, Levine photographed pets and their owners
It was her ninth year with the company and she had no plans for what she was going to do after she was done dancing. She was initially reticent but realized that it was a rare opportunity after talking it over with friends.
Approximately 3.4 million discarded dogs and cats will be euthanized in the United States in 20131. Imagine being the person that shows up for work each day to put these poor unsuspecting animals down. I personally would much prefer to have a job saving these animals instead.
H/T: BuzzFeed "I wanted to tug at people's hearts," she told HuffPost, "There are so many dogs in shelters and so many are
2012-05-10-kittenseason300cm051012.jpg Everyone loves a kitten! They're also a heck of a lot easier to photograph than puppies.
Much of her time is spent “rolling on the ground with whatever animal I’m working with, getting in their skin as much as