pet rescue

Older dogs are less likely to find new homes than younger ones are.
"New opportunities and adventures will be open to Colt if he can poop like every other puppy."
I really love this guy Atticus Shaffer who is able to play younger characters in TV and film. I want to squeeze him but then I remember he's 16 years old and past the squeezing stages! Hmm, how about a hug instead?
Bentley the Shih Tzu was the victim of a terrible person. Bentley was dropped at a shelter in Meltham, England, covered with mats and smelling like oil.
Billy, one of the 23 dogs rescued, at AAWL One of the rescues from the dog meat farm at the Dulles International Airport
"We hope that we reveal to the world the beauty, comedy, exuberance and friendship of pit bulls," Fushihara says. Daxter
A 3-year-old pit bull mix who spent 135 days — more than four months — at the Chicago Animal Care and Control facility was
Ben dressed up for Halloween, surrounded by his dogs. (Image credit: Cheryl Kramer) Billy with Ben, his new human brother
The Humane Society is now caring for the animal until she is ready to go to a new home in a few weeks, the organization told