pet safety

July is National Pet Loss Prevention Month, 31 days dedicated to raising awareness of one of the biggest problems facing pets and their owners. We created a quick video to help prepare you and your pet for a safe summer!
Keep your tree more than 48 inches away from any open flame (that includes candles and the menorah.) When decorating your perfectly chosen greenery, it's best to use plastic hooks instead of metal.
We all know that pets are the best at picking up our Thanksgiving scraps, but that may not always be good for them. Check
Healthy Pets reports: Please print out the Pet Poison Helpline infomation and keep it handy - maybe with a magnet on the
Easter is a time of joyous celebration for many. Much planning goes into family gatherings and the fun, food and festivities to be enjoyed by children and adults alike. But have you remembered to plan for your pets?
Provide puzzles, toys and games to keep your pet stimulated while you wait out the weather from the comfort of your home
If you’ve ever flown with your pet your worst nightmare is something tragic happening to your pooch in transit. This week a poor pup was left in the rain, on the tarmac in a dog crate for over a half hour.
Many Christmas trees are fitted with water containers to keep them fresh. This water could contain fertilizer or become stagnant over time. Prevent your pet from drinking from the tree to avoid potential complications.
What happens when -- in that split second you weren't watching -- a furry friend wanders off? What do you do next? How far could your pet possibly wander? No matter how prepared the pet parent, it's easy for panic to set in.
I called upon two experts that have simple tips for a safe, scare-free Halloween to keep your children and pets safe.
As summer winds down and we prepare for the excitement of a new season, there's one lesson every parent needs to remember during the back-to-school blitz -- how to keep pets safe in the event of a house fire.
Whether a furry friend costs $1 or $1,000, our pets are always priceless to us. To keep your dog's paws where they belong (with you!), here are some tips for thwarting thieves.
Holiday gift-giving can be full of surprises -- but one of them shouldn't be a pet health emergency.
Each fall, Veterinary Pet Insurance gives out the Hambone Award to a dog who has gotten himself into some kind of unbelievable
Whether this year's hurricane season will live up to predictions remains to be seen, but whether we experience storms before November, or not until next year, it is still smart to be aware of perils to our pets after a storm strikes.
Fall -- a month when parental anxiety spikes and punctuated schedules send everyone into a tizzy, can be the roughest season for dogs as well as other pets. Keep these thoughts in mind if you find yourself in this boat.
While it may take time to adjust, showing your pet that your love is consistent will go a long way toward making a new house -- or office! -- feel like home.
Protecting our pets from loss and theft is fairly simple, but hardly foolproof. As pet parents, we do everything we can to keep our furry friends out of harm's way, but there are times when even the most vigilant among us become distracted.
As the recent news reports have shown, rabies is still a risk worth learning about. Knowing how to not only identify an infected animal, but how to keep your pets out of harm's way, can mean the difference between life and death for our furry friends -- and can make for safer community.