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The bill is aimed at fighting puppy mills and encouraging animal adoption.
Forty dogs and 25 parakeets, among other animals, were trapped in their cages and died from smoke inhalation, officials say.
Four pet stores, along with a dog breeder and a dog broker, had sued to block the law from taking place. A judge just threw out the suit.
As I methodically and meticulously filled out the multi-page adoption form, diligently answering questions ranging from where my dog would sleep and what food I would feed her, it never for a moment crossed my mind that my application would be denied. Why would it?
If pet stores are legally allowed to use unethical and inhumane breeders and brokers and to keep those sources secret, consumers have no way of making informed decisions when they bring a new pet into their family.
While these laws won't keep all puppy mill puppies out of New York City pet stores, it's a critical step in the right direction. Taken together they will deeply impact the lives of dogs in puppy mills across the nation, and further New York City's reputation as a leader in animal welfare and safety.
As we talked, a large family entered the puppy store, their eyes wide with excitement and anticipation. If we'd stayed, chances are good we would have seen them leave with two things: a tiny, furry animal, fresh off the conveyor belt; and a piece of paper describing an idyllic Dogville from which it came.
Little Miss Lexi and her sister, Pumpkin, are spokes-pups for Posh Pets Rescue in NYC, and they want you to consider adopting special needs and senior rescue dogs before hitting the pet shop.
Noah Turner talks to Abby Hunstman about the time he raided a puppy mill.