pet tricks

"The Tonight Show's" call for animal talent reaped some fun responses.
Jiff the Pomeranian can captivate us simply by being so freakin' cute. But that's not how Jiff operates. The pup amazed us
He does it on three legs, two hind legs, two front legs in a paw-stand; he does it backward in a semi-moonwalk. He rides
Are you tired of opening your plastic bottles yourself? There has to be a better way! Fortunately, there is... a far more
Oh, Charlie. He may not have mastered all his dog tricks just yet (that looked like more a squat than a sit!), but there's
Cindy the mouse knows what it takes to get what you want in this world: cold, hard cash. So she makes a neat little stack
WARNING: You will quietly scowl at your dog and/or cat for the rest of the day after seeing this. Stupid, non-beer-opening
America, meet Ruger and Rogue, two Australian cattle dogs who love to push each other around in a child's car. They made
Maru, the undisputed Most Popular Cat on the Internet, isn't just a one trick pony. Via Buzzfeed Sure, he loves jumping into