Today we got to take our dogs on a trip to Petco to let them pick out their Halloween costumes! Our huskies love shopping
Try as hard as she might, Michelle Blanchard can't get off Petco's email list. What will it take to get the company to stop
Whether you're dressing up to ward off evil spirits or just for a chance to channel your inner ghoul, goblin or ghost, Halloween is a fun time of the year. But on this spooky holiday, nothing is ghastlier than spending a huge chunk of your income just for one night of trick-or-treating and mischief.
I can still picture the bright Sunday afternoon my friend Melissa, also known as "Aunt Melissa," surprised us with the red betta fish.
A humane officer from the APL had stumbled upon a day-old pit bull covered in fleas in a Cleveland garage,
Cats are low-maintenance pets. They smell better than dogs. Cats will never eat your baby. They'll never hump your leg. They don't need to be walked, and they bury their poop.
On National Hairball Awareness Day, on April 26, 2013, cat lovers around the world will gather to show their strength and increase their resolve to prevent the condition that dogs their feline friends.
I couldn't possibly separate from this little creature that was now fast asleep in my arms. Would it be so terrible to overrule my husband?
[When we started] there were no spay neuter clinics in the 17 southern communities we serve. A lot of people live on farms
In another case, Estelle Green, the wife of attorney Michael Green, who is prosecuting both cases, picked up her dog to find
But don't think the suburbs are coming to the city just yet: the commission also made some tweaks to the look of the building
The Supervisor Eric Mar, who introduced the legislation, said the ban protects smaller, independently owned pet shops in
In the biggest such raid in U.S. history, in Arlington, Texas officials and humane agents removed more than 26,000 animals from a warehouse owned by U.S. Global Exotics, Inc., a major player in the pet trade.
I did a little research to find out the effects of direct mail on the environment. The stats astounded me.