Pete Hamill

If you ever wondered if world peace is possible, just read the blog posts and heave a sigh at the author's labels and blanket
It's a digital, interactive, online, tricked-out Google map called The Atlas of Ingenious Ireland. Dedicated to "Putting Irish Science on the Map," it locates and annotates key science, tech and natural history landmarks.
Over sixty years ago right fielder Bobby Thompson crossed home plate and a thousand kids danced with dreams filling their heads that someday they too would swat the high fastball at the Polo Grounds.2012-02-22-pullquote.jpg
Andre Ethier of the Dodgers hit safely in his 28th straight game last night. He is halfway home to Joe DiMaggio's record. So it brings up the inevitable arguments: which records will never be broken?
I've been thinking that Brooklyn is very similar to what Paris was like nearly a century ago. The only thing missing is the ubiquitous smoke rising from the lips of the young and literary.
At the Fights: American Writers on Boxing, a new anthology from The Library of America, reads like an elegy for the fight game.
PH: I wouldn't call it a "natural" aversion. It's more likely to be simply generational. I don't spend much time reading
Many athletes are so determined to treat their bodies with substances that promise them competitive advantage, that they are easily duped by empty nostrums and medical charlatans.
The goal of The IFC Media Project is to delve into the media, to look at the forces and interests that shape our news, at how it is gathered and how it is packaged.
1. Gideon Yago and Bill Kristol argue about the coverage of the Iraq War. Yago argued that it is incredibly difficult to