Pete Hegseth

Conservative pundits are desperately seeking a “deplorables” moment for President Joe Biden. “Neanderthal thinking” will have to do for now.
Pete Hegseth called the article "sick" and Fox Nation's Lara Logan said she was “a better person than that."
Fox News' Pete Hegseth echoed the false claims of Sean Hannity and Donald Trump Jr. about turnout for the ex-president's President's Day motorcade.
"I recognize that people feel like the entire system is rigged against them," the host said on "Fox & Friends."
"Herd immunity is our friend," he claimed about the coronavirus. But leading epidemiologists fiercely disagree.
She is mending at home with her husband and thanked God her infant son did not get sick.
The "Fox & Friends" host said Trump's political rivals, about whom he constantly tweets, aren't getting to him at all, actually.
A Daily Beast report reveals Hegseth’s private push to aid military members who have allegedly committed horrific crimes.
The host made the comments in response to presidential hopeful Beto O'Rourke's stance on gun control.
The Fox News hosts asked why Democrats won't tell the lawmaker to be quiet: "Listen, it’s like your kids spewing nonsense at you."