Pete Hoekstra

“I made certain remarks in 2015 and regret the exchange during the “Nieuwsuur” interview."
For full Election Day coverage, check out HuffPost's live blog below. Stabenow had a large lead over Hoekstra throughout
For all Election Day news, check out HuffPost's live blog below. Stabenow was heavily favored over GOP challenger Pete Hoekstra
A month later, the actress who had appeared in the ad had apologized for her participation, and Hoekstra’s polling numbers
"Obama and Stabenow choose badly, A123 files for bankruptcy. There go a few more 100 million of our $s. Debbie replies Don't
"These candidates are being refreshingly honest when they say that voters cannot be trusted to choose their senator," he
Democrats were quick to criticize Hoekstra's views, saying that any move to repeal the 17th Amendment would ultimately lead
On Oakland County ballots in 23 communities is a two-year renewal of SMART bus funding through a 0.59-mills tax. The SMART
UPDATE: Hoekstra's campaign forwarded an apology from WNEM, the station that ran the ad. Hoekstra originally had the spot
Pete Hoekstra's Campaign Ad Attacks Debbie Stabenow On Spending
"If a professional petition circulator reportedly convicted of forgery and fraud was paid to gather signatures for Congressman
Referring to the leaks as the work of "amateurs" or "traitors," Hoekstra asserts that the White House may have authorized
In 2005, he voted against a measure to prohibit lawmakers from taking advantage of committee memberships to secure profitable
CNN's Brooke Baldwin had a contentious exchange with Senate candidate Pete Hoekstra about his proposal to establish an office
Former New York Gov. David Paterson (D) used the beginning of his radio show Tuesday afternoon to say that he believes that
WASHINGTON -- A prominent Republican running for the U.S. Senate in Michigan has emerged as yet another proponent of the
Watch the video, taken by a Democratic source: The benefit, of course, is not magical bureaucratic thinking, but the willingness
Hoekstra's dip in fundraising came after he ran a controversial Super Bowl ad of an Asian woman speaking broken English. More