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The weird story of former Texas Rep. Pete Sessions' involvement in the Trump scandal.
Allred, a civil rights lawyer, defeated Texas Rep. Pete Sessions, one of the most powerful Republicans in the House.
"I just don't like the guy," former president reportedly said about the Texas senator in 2015.
“I feel like I have very good aim,” said one House Republican.
"I would encourage Mr. Spicer if he’s going to start talking about my business to give me a darn call."
If only there was some kind of action members of Congress could take to stem the gun violence they lament.
"We are committed to ensuring both TPA and TAA get votes in the House and Senate and are sent to the President for signature
None of Sessions' numbers make much sense, however. The Congressional Budget Office, in a March report, said that the cost
Below, live updates on midterm news from around the nation: Rep. Pete Sessions (R) defeated Democrat Frank Perez on Tuesday
The Texas Republican has already been lobbying colleagues for their support, and some have said they could back him in return
"When I heard of this terrible idea to create this special committee, I could not help but think of Iraq, when not four but
“He has not endorsed in this race and remains unlikely to get involved in any incumbent primaries,” spokeswoman Catherine
"Too much time we have been hung up on, instead of the creation of jobs, we talk about the symptoms that are related to unemployment
Congress already closed out the year with the least productive legislative session in history. And now, House Democrats pointed out Monday, House Republicans can add another record to the roster: the most closed session in history.