Pete Stark

The complete history of open atheists in Congress is very short: former Rep. Pete Stark (D-Calif.). He acknowledged being
Jamie Raskin will swear to uphold the Constitution, not the Bible.
"[I]t has been the human curiosity and ingenuity exemplified by Darwin that has promoted new scientific discoveries that
Nowhere was that more evident than in the Western San Fernando Valley, where Berman, a three-decade veteran of Congress, was
Swalwell was not alone: three other council members also joined in the yes vote, meaning the measure passed overwhelmingly
The few pundits and political junkies who don't have their eyes trained on Wisconsin today are spending their energy on two
The protesters consider Geithner the key architect of Obama's economic recovery plan and the loudest voice within the president's inner circle for taking a "hands off" approach to tougher government rules to tame Wall Street's risky practices.
Stark has made a series of confounding assertions and unsubstantiated charges in recent weeks, drawing headlines when he
Rep. Pete Stark, the irascible California liberal and 20-term veteran of Congress, is facing a surprisingly competitive race
Accretive Health is under fire from state and federal officials for allegations that it improperly pressured and harassed
Watch the video of Stark's Solyndra slip-up above. Romney then went on to criticize the Obama administration's "crony capitalism
Democrats in Congress are also demanding answers about hospital debt collection. Rep. Henry Waxman (Calif.), the most senior
On the National Day of Reason religious people of all sorts join non-believers in recognizing that a government of the people should use reason as the basis for creating and enforcing its laws and regulations.
Certain North Carolina hospitals sued 40,000 patients for unpaid bills between 2005 and 2010, including bringing a $200,000
Accretive Health and two of its clients, Fairview Health Services and North Memorial Health Care, have come under scrutiny
The act was inspired by the recent kerfuffle, in which the political establishment, from President Barack Obama to Mitt Romney
A counter-rally going by the name of "True Reason" will be held on the Mall at the same time as the Reason Rally. The goal
Like thousands of other people in 2006, Jose Franco was detained by immigration authorities. Most detainees are either deported to their country of origin or released. But this case took a different route.
Think about a democracy in which a religious minority represents 15% of the population but is virtually excluded from the exercise of power. We are not talking about oppressed Christians in some Muslim country. We are talking about non-religious persons in the USA.