peter baker

Sarah Huckabee Sanders repeated the same phrase when asked about President Donald Trump’s assertions that he can pardon himself and that the appointment of a special counsel is unconstitutional.
Exclusive meeting scenes set in the Oval Office feel as if they are being narrated by each of the characters themselves, creating a disorienting sensation in which everyone is somehow cast in the best possible light simultaneously.
Rather than jumping into the heated battle of competing narratives about Obama's three "scandals" or ignoring this high-stakes story, follow it for insights on how to influence by labeling.
"Bush was equally or even more distant from reporters during 2004," Knoller said in an email. "Unless you had an authorized
Bill Clinton's brief appearance last week excited both members of the media and Washington, but the question now is whether Clinton's presence can help Obama turn things around.
It seems to some that President Obama would be much better off as a figurehead. You see, his greatest problem is that he has simply been too powerful.
Tactics play a role, but they are a second-order concern at best. Obama's fortunes will largely be determined by the state of the economy, not "marketing and P.R. and public opinion."
After all the suffering caused by the massive layoffs and home foreclosures that have devastated communities, the best our elite journalists can do is tell us that they have no way to discern who is lying and who is telling the truth?
So yes, let's fix it all. Connect the dots, We the People. We have to step up or shut up, and let those who are stepping up get on with it.