peter capaldi

The date is set to unveil Peter Capaldi's replacement.
Who will take over the TARDIS now?
Maisie Williams may have struggled to become "no one" in Season 5 of "Game of Thrones," but in "Doctor Who" she is definitely
Who needs dragons when you've can time travel? Little is known about Williams' role besides the fact that she'll challenge
And given that 'Maleficent' is now the highest grossing live-action film that Angelina Jolie has ever starred in, it's clear that these late-in-the-game changes that Robert Stromberg, Joe Roth and John Lee Hancock did right by that A-lister. Though Peter Capaldi has a very different opinion.
The final crucial moment came in the lies Clara and The Doctor successfully told each other. On one hand we saw The Doctor
You could travel through time and space and never find a sweeter story. After receiving a letter from a young, autistic fan
After a tragic phone call with Danny, Clara attempts to black mail The Doctor into rewriting history. She is so distressed
"Kill The Moon" made it seem like The Doctor pushed Clara the furthest she could go, just as Danny had predicted, causing