Peter DeFazio

The Transportation Committee issued the scathing report Wednesday following an 18-month investigation into two deadly 737 Max jet crashes.
The Trump administration agency that oversees federal buildings has until Wednesday to produce the necessary paperwork.
The hotel occupies a federally owned building and has become a hot spot for lobbyists, foreign governments and others to put money in the president's pocket.
Rep. Peter DeFazio wants answers about Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao’s possible bias toward Kentucky -- her powerful husband's home state.
Oregon Rep. Peter DeFazio checks a lot of liberal boxes. But challenger Doyle Canning thinks he’s going easy on the president.
Oregon Congressman Peter DeFazio discusses how it feels to have Donald Trump for President.
The measure wipes out a Vermont law that made clear labels mandatory.
It may or may not help, but we're going to give it our all.
You may have heard that every drone strike begins with solid intelligence and strict oversight. Not so much!
"Regardless of what consumers want, they won’t be told,” said one opponent.