Peter Doocy

“I will,” Psaki said of the correspondent she's often clashed with.
"Are you?" the White House press secretary quipped to the often-combative Fox News reporter.
Psaki and the Fox News reporter have gone head-to-head in press briefings, but at least she has a sense of humor about it.
In her response to Peter Doocy, she called the law a “reflection of politicians in Florida propagating misinformed, hateful policies."
"Why should I tell you?" Biden responded when Doocy asked for specifics on the U.S. response to a possible Russian chemical attack on Ukraine.
At the end of a White House photo op, President Joe Biden called Fox News’ Peter Doocy a not so nice name.
The reporter tries to blame rising gas prices on the Biden administration rather than Russian President Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine.
"The Daily Show" host showed how Donald Trump would have handled Joe Biden's hot mic moment with Fox News' Peter Doocy.
But the president called later to apologize. "It's nothing personal, pal," Biden told the reporter, Doocy said later on Sean Hannity's show.