Peter Fonda

"He went out laughing," the actress said in a statement after the Hollywood icon's death.
The actor and brother of Jane Fonda had lung cancer, his family said.
"I went way too far," said the "Easy Rider" actor, who got the attention of the Secret Service.
The Yellowstone-adjacent city in Montana offers much more than gorgeous mountain views.
So what's McGillicuddy's favorite offering at this year's festival? Genevieve honestly found it hard to choose between two screen legends who'd agreed to make special appearances at TCFF 2015.
With credits dating back to 1954, Roger Corman has one of Hollywood's longest running careers, and every step of the way has fearlessly pioneered ideas in filmmaking, through all of new media's many definitions over the decades.
I scored "The Ultimate Life" a redeeming 6 out of 10. The movie flashes back to the story of the young Red Stevens (Drew
Brittany Trilford, a 17 year old school girl from Wellington, New Zealand is the winner of an international search for a person under the age of 30 to represent youth and future generations at the Earth Summit this June 20-22 in Rio De Janeiro.
It does not seem quite possible that Jack Nicholson could be turning 75 today. He seems ageless, particularly when you revisit his best films. And that's just what we should all do to mark the occasion.
The picture they paint of Corman is of an energetic guy who seized the reins of production and found ways to do things as