peter kassig

"It saddens me that ... we’re celebrating the killing of this deranged, pathetic young man."
Accompanying others selflessly is not the result of a state of enlightenment, nor is it a constant, deep emotion. It is a decision we make, a path we undertake consciously and with perseverance.
One wonders how Frederic Henry would handle the job of evacuating wounded from Syria, Iraq, or Afghanistan, 85 years after he was deployed to the World War One Italian front as an ambulance driver, by Ernest Hemingway, in A Farewell to Arms.
Speakers at Sunday's 80-minute service at Clowes Hall at Butler University, which Kassig briefly attended before moving to
In their first public appearance since their son's execution, the parents of Indianapolis humanitarian worker Abdul-Rahman
James Foley, Steven Sotloff, David Haines, and now Abdul-Rahman Kassig. Each of these men dedicated their lives to serving the long-suffering Syrian people, either by sharing with the world their stories and exposing the truth as journalists, or to alleviate their suffering as aid workers.
"The administration's goal has always been to use every appropriate resource within the bounds of the law to assist families
Until Sunday, Islamic State hostage execution videos followed a macabre formula: the condemned appears in an orange jumpsuit
That announcement came Sunday as President Barack Obama flew back to Washington from Hawaii after a trip last week to the