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Peter Krause and Michael C. Hall reflect on the series, which debuted 15 years ago.
Even Ron Howard mentioned the possibility of a reboot.
Michael C. Hall "Six Feet Under": David Fisher Afterwards: Dexter, "Dexter" Michael C. Hall has spent the majority of his
It might not have been as shocking as this week's The Good Wife, but by Parenthood standards, this episode was downright Hitchcockian. With more twists than Adam's dance moves, "Fraud Alert" played with our emotions like no other.
Despite last week's glimmer of hope for Joel and Julia, now we're right back to square one and separation frustrations reach an all-time high. Meanwhile, Drew and Amber continue to be the cutest siblings ever, and Max breaks our hearts into a million tiny pieces once again.
When will the break be over? They want to know. Julia doesn't have an answer and neither do we. This limbo has to end.
"We really were just charmed by the idea of Max and Hank together; it made sense to us, it seemed believable to me," Katims
NBC has released a new set of promotional photos ahead of "Parenthood's" Season 5 premiere (Thursday, Sept. 26 at 10 p.m
On hand for today's "Parenthood" panel at the Television Critics Association press tour are Joy Bryant, Erika Christensen
Check out Graham on the cover of More's May 2013 issue below: "I waited tables here and there, but my main day job was as