Peter Lanza

What a different world it could have been if we were able to heed the Pope's call to action before tragedies like Newtown and stop isolating and discriminating against those who have all types of brain differences.
When we can see the millions of young people and adults among us who live with brain disorders through a lens of compassion, radical shifts in innovation and funding will undoubtedly unfold. My family is ready for action. Are you?
Much is being done to prevent other families and communities from experiencing the kind of horrific suffering that your family endured during Adam's life.
As a lengthy profile of Peter Lanza in The New Yorker shows, this explanation, like all the other ones floated after the
In the piece, Peter Lanza gives the impression of a devastated and ruined man. He admits to being haunted by his son nightly in his dreams, wracked with guilt for not having done more to force himself into Adam's life, and even stated that, after what Adam did, he wished Adam had never been born. No parent would utter those words without feeling deep, unendurable pain. None.
The father of the Sandy Hook Elementary School gunman is speaking out for the first time about the massacre that unfolded more than a year ago.
The father of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter Adam Lanza says his son would have killed him, too, given the chance. Peter
After Christmas 2010, Adam Lanza had no contact with his older brother, Ryan, who had moved away for a job in New York City
Taitz claimed that Lanza had a dispute with school officials the day before the shooting and that Lanza's mother had been
In the years leading up to that incident, Nancy pulled her son out of high school because of a disagreement with the Newtown