Peter Meijer

Freshman Rep. Peter Meijer (R-Mich.) blasted the “treacherous snakes” he said were "salivating" for civil war.
Michigan's Peter Meijer said his colleague's rhetoric "amps up and plays into" antisemitism.
Ron Weiser also referred to three top Democratic women as "witches” that the GOP needs to “soften up” for a “burning at the stake” in the 2022 election.
Rep. Peter Meijer was at a "loss for words" to see Liz Cheney condemned for her impeachment vote but not Marjorie Taylor Greene for her "insane" theories.
Michigan Rep. Peter Meijer said that expense is "reimbursable," but added, "It’s sad that we have to get to that point.”
The "Late Show" host also brought back his "Don And The Giant Impeach" segment.
"I think it is obvious that the president is no longer qualified to hold that office," said Michigan Republican Peter Meijer.