Peter Navarro

Peter Navarro's assertion came just days after the administration announced that it would delay its latest round of tariffs to avoid impacting holiday shoppers.
The head of the National Economic Council says the economy is “in pretty good shape" despite growing fears of a coming downturn.
Peter Navarro also defended the president's retaliatory threat of tariffs on Mexico as "a brilliant move."
"That was my mistake, those were my words," Trump's trade adviser said.
Peter Navarro echoed Trump's tweet claiming that the major newspaper is "more fiction than fact."
Navarro is right and his opponents are wrong. So it's worth reviewing, one more time, the inescapable basic logic underlying
This is the theme song to the film Death By China, narrated by Martin Sheen -- remixed and reimagined by Fleetwood Mac producer Ken Calliat.
There is no question China's only aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, poses no direct danger to the United States. It is a relatively small carrier with little in the way of advanced electronics or weaponry; and, because of its short flight deck, it is launching under-equipped planes.
It's not just that American consumers are helping to finance the construction of China's war machine. There is also the creeping loss of control over core strategic elements like the US food chain.
The second set of weapons not hitherto present in a Taiwan Strait crisis is China's growing fleet of conventional diesel
So what's our next president to do to meet the challenge of China's growing "carrier killer" arsenal of missiles, mines, cruise missile-equipped catamarans, and ultra-quiet diesel-electric submarines?
This Black Friday weekend, American consumers will add billions of dollars to the US trade deficit as they binge on Made in China holiday gifts.
You cannot really talk about why Apple products are produced in Shenzhen without dealing with the most important source of China's competitive edge: It's unfair trade practices.
This highly entertaining book serves as not only a riotous call to arms, but a roadmap for Americans to re-claim the 21st century as their own.