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But don't even think about trying to keep one as a pet.
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See Cinderella, Ariel and Belle as you've never seen them before. 👑
Queer Voices
Daddy has become synonymous with sex appeal and strength.
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Start planning and saving for your dream vacation. Create a budget, get travel brochures, look online at hotels, attractions
"I want, before you die, for you to feel at rest, to feel you’ve accomplished enough. To look around at this earth and say: It was good."
Now you can open David Kaufman's Some Enchanted Evenings: The Glittering Life and Times of Mary Martin [St. Martin's Press
There is not a doubt in my mind that Mr. Spielberg believes in fairies and all things magical. I do, too. I've learned to cultivate enchantment and to be open to being astonished:
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All those long hours at the office pay off because you've just been offered a big promotion with more pay. The dream you
Who wouldn't want to live in Never Never Land, where forever never ends and all you need is faith, trust and pixie dust? Where a boy with buff quads in tights fights pirates and tells you to leave the world behind and bid your cares goodbye?
Composer Chris Miller and lyricist Nathan Tysen are an up-and-coming pair of songwriters from the NYU Musical Theatre Writing
Donald's campaign team certainly has not been saying "no" to him. Nor has he seen the ramifications of the things he says and does, as those ever-increasing poll numbers show. Donald knows only that he who shouts loudest wins and holds the most toys wins.
Image: "April Wakes" illustration by M.T. Ross, 1914, from A Year with the Fairies by Anna M. Scott. Public domain via Wikimedia
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Dreams are fantastic, we always have them. But don't dream your life away. Reality is better than being on the wrong side of the sod. Most days are average but that's what average is. But it's really going to be something, when I grow up.
The Elgin and Winter Theatres are Toronto's most unique performance spaces in the city. This Double-Decker venue was built in 1913 and originally known as Loew's Yonge Street Theatre. The Winter Garden closed in 1928 and remained vacant for half-a-century, while the Elgin remained open as the Imperial 6 movie theatre.
"Sure, it's always great to see family; it's great to walk into a kitchen and smell a pie in the oven," said Lynch. "But