Peter Singer

The participants in the UU Giving Game expressed a great deal of interest in these organizations, and some used their mobile
Social justice is central for Hershaft, a holocaust survivor. His activism has been shaped by two Singers -- Princeton philosopher
Reflecting on my past year as a Global Health Corps fellow, I wanted to talk a bit about identity, ideology, and social change. Although this is my personal narrative, I believe that shrinking our identity and moving past ideology as much as one can are key steps to maximizing the positive impact that we have on the world.
Linch: Give me the elevator pitch for your startup. I know why you decided to do a startup at all, why this one in particular
Peter Singer is a personal inspiration to me. He is a well known Australian philosopher and author who has spent his entire life in pursuit of doing more good in the world.
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How many philosophers does it take to change a light bulb? It depends on how you define change.
What is needed to convert warm glow givers to a more effective philanthropy is not a obliteration of their primary impetus to give, but an enhancement in understanding of what their gifts can accomplish when applied thoughtfully.
In terms of median income, Australians are among the wealthiest in the world, so we need to be doing our fair share to ensure