peter thiel

The tech investor said the former president was not happy with him.
The billionaire tech bro told Bari Weiss he’s paid to have it done “more as an ideological statement.”
The Republican Senate candidate sneakily updated his website after accusing his Democratic opponent of "lying about my views on abortion."
Clearview AI, which has alarmed privacy experts, hired several far-right employees, a HuffPost investigation found.
Facebook confirmed to NBC News that the October meeting had taken place. The company would not say, however, what was discussed during the dinner.
The president parroted baseless claims made by tech giant billionaire Peter Thiel, who was featured on the network.
The Trump ally and American consulting firms like McKinsey and Bain did not immediately respond to HuffPost questions about their ongoing involvement.
What the PayPal co-founder planned to do with the news site remains unclear.
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