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The hosts of “Here To Make Friends” are back with a Webby nomination (!) and a fresh week of Bachelor Nation news. Claire Fallon, Emma Gray and Leigh Blickley discuss Pilot Pete and Kelley’s newly-official relationship, a surprising “Too Hot To Handle” romance and the love quadrangle drama in the latest episode of “Listen To Your Heart. Plus, watch a clip of their exclusive interview with LTYH’s Julia Rae, who reveals what Brandon said to her off-camera.
The hosts of “Here To Make Friends In Quarantine” — including Claire Fallon, back from maternity leave! — break down this week in “Bachelor” news, including still more Peter/Madi drama, the state of Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron’s relationship and Clare Crawley’s warning to her upcoming “Bachelorette” suitors. They also pick their frontrunners to win “Listen To Your Heart,” which has become a full-fledged singing competition show. Plus, listen to an excerpt of their exclusive interview with Kelz Dyke from Netflix’s “Too Hot To Handle.”
The couple announced their breakup in two separate Instagram posts two days after Weber's mother predicted it wouldn't last during the show's season finale.
The hosts of ‘Here to Make Friends’ need a stiff drink and a hearing aid after last night’s deafening Women Tell All. Emma Gray and Leigh Blickley cut through the crosstalk and re-hash the re-hashing of this season’s most dramatic moments, including who learned the least post-show, who needs training in conflict resolution, and who just needs a goddamn coat, already. Plus, hear why Emma and Leigh are so thrilled that Clare Crawley will be the next Bachelorette.
Madison Prewett told “Pilot Pete” that she couldn’t move forward with him if he had sex with the other finalists in Fantasy Suites week.
The hosts of our “Here To Make Friends” podcast hand out superlatives for Week 8 of “The Bachelor.”
The hosts of “Here to Make Friends” just want to talk it out. Peter and Victoria Fuller dove headfirst into their latest argument during this episode of “The Bachelor.” If you’ve been disappointed with the pilot’s decision-making skills throughout the season, his actions this week won’t come as a shock. The drama involves Hunter Hayes, a mystery ex-girlfriend from Peter’s past and some scalding hot tea.
The hosts of “Here to Make Friends” are ready to meet your family. Emma Gray and Leigh Blickley take on the season’s last episode before hometowns, including the least likely to win a poetry award, the woman with the best read on Peter, and who’s most likely to jet off to Peru and save Peter’s love story once and for all.The forehead band-aid might be off, but we’re still feeling the sting. Peter kicks the religious can down the road at dinner with Madison. Later, Natasha gets a one-on-one (finally), but not a rose (his loss). Meanwhile, Victoria picks a spat, Hannah Ann waxes poetic — sort of — and Kelley wants relationships to be fun, earning her a last-minute villain edit and a car ride home.Find full episodes of “Here to Make Friends” on Apple, Google, Spotify and Acast. #TheBachelor
The hosts of “Here To Make Friends” are here for more twists and turns. Emma Gray and Leigh Blickley (who’s filling in for Claire Fallon) recap all the chaos with an extra episode on this week’s “The Bachelor.” A surprise two-on-one date is back, one of the show’s front-runners gets blindsided by Pilot Pete’s confession and the cattiness in the mansion continues. Peter is concentrating on his developing relationships in Santiago, Chile while Tammy seems more focused on eliminating other women than dating our Bachelor. A group date that started off acting in a scripted fictional soap opera turns into a nighttime drama that goes unplanned, marking another significant narrowing of contestants.
The reality show star spoke again about Victoria Fuller losing a Cosmopolitan digital cover after it came out she'd appeared in a problematic shoot.