pete's dragon

Channing Tatum dances, Emma Stone soars and a Niffler misbehaves.
Have a great time entertaining your family or friends with this exciting and unique themed movie night. You can swap out
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Wes Bentley came from the prestigious Juilliard School, but when he walked into the room, he seemed more like the Southern roots were dominate. He's from Arkansas and reminded me much of the people in my own southern community.
So there's this dragon -- a big, green dragon that defies all logic, and his name is Elliott. And then there's this boy, Pete, an orphan who's survived in the forest thanks to the dragon's care.
Today, red carpets in Hollywood embrace our fascination with movies, fashion, and celebrities. It's the party celebrating the première of a movie and Monday, August 8th, I was there for the première and pre-premiere party of Disney's Pete's Dragon.
In the end, I found Disney's Pete's Dragon a movie with soul. I thought it was well told, with likable characters and a theme of family and friendship that fills the soul and had me believing love can conquer all.
Ok, it's Disney. Oh please. Another tot film. Not so fast. Pete's Dragon starts predictably but as it opens its deep forest
If it's not LGBTQ-friendly, Political, raw sex, "Mission Impossible" or "Bourne" whatever, then it's not made. The movie
The serene Disney reboot is the soulful tearjerker we need.