The chain claims it needs to recoup its costs for employees who leave early. Workers say the real aim is to hold their wages down.
Frightened and furious workers say "there is nothing that we do that a dog owner cannot do at home.” revealed that 47 dogs have died during or directly after PetSmart groomings, but it's unclear if the chain is to blame.
PetSmart Promise is a collaboration between Family Promise shelters and PetSmart. The program keeps those experiencing homelessness with their pets, which often kept many from seeking shelter.
As if planning a wedding wasn't overwhelming enough, adding your pet to the mix may just be the thing that turns you into a Bridezilla.
PetSmart's policy helps reinforce the incorrect belief that pit bulls are different from other dogs. That they are dangerous and can't be trusted, just because of the shape of their head. That they don't deserve to be treated as well as other dogs. This belief has consequences.