PGA Championship

The lightning struck the top of a tree and shattered the bark from all the way to the bottom.
Woods will close 2018 without a major title since the 2008 U.S. Open.
SPRINGFIELD, New Jersey (Reuters) - American Jimmy Walker relied on clutch putting to clinch his first major title by one
Day, who was embraced by his pregnant wife Ellie as he made his way off the green, became the fifth Australian to win the
It's time to leave Tiger Woods alone. I personally hope he can find his way out of whatever has him down right now. I hope he starts winning golf tournaments again. I hope he wins another major and comes closer to breaking Nicklaus' record.
In the latest "Tonight Show Superlatives," Jimmy Fallon took a swing at the golfers in the PGA Championship, and it was hilarious
If the question is, "Who can stop Rory McIlroy?" then the answer could emerge during Saturday's third round of the PGA Championship
Woods, who has had some difficulty holding in his anger lately since returning from back surgery, didn't like his tee shot
Until now, television was the closest I'd come to seeing the Masters, and although many friends had told me about the tournament, nothing prepared me for the perfection that is the Augusta National Golf Club.
Does Tiger really believe he can win each and every event he tees it up in? It's a pretty bold statement from a bold guy, but here's the thing: if anyone else made that statement it would be hard to believe, but coming from Tiger Woods not only does he believe it, it's very possible.