Pharma Bro

Former Bloomberg News reporter Christie Smythe said she's "open to it," but still didn't give the heave-ho to the reviled "pharma bro."
Christie Smythe told Elle she has "purpose" in her romance with the imprisoned "pharma bro."
An investigation is looking into claims that he regularly posts to social media and even fired a chief executive from behind bars.
The so-called “Most Hated Man In America” has been found guilty on fraud charges.
The despised ex-pharma executive said he's seeking new bidders for the right to repeatedly pummel him in the face.
The fact that this sordid practice of manipulating the patent laws to fleece people with allergies has any legal bearing at all only serves to further de-legitimize the "establishments" of both major political parties, the Congress and all the other governing and regulatory institutions.
If passed, the TPP would lock in policies that not only allow price gouging, but essentially require all TPP-signatory governments to provide monopoly rights allowing drug companies to charge whatever they want.
Attention all schadenfreude enthusiasts, it's time to take a look back and see who really shined in this year's public relations blunders, bloopers and boners (trademark pending).