These medical experts have many skills up their sleeves that go beyond refilling prescriptions.
Ivermectin isn’t approved by federal authorities to treat COVID-19, but that’s not stopping people from seeking it out — or others from making money off of it.
The Justice Department alleges the company unlawfully dispensed controlled substances through its pharmacies
The promise of testing for the coronavirus at local pharmacies, which Trump implied was at hand on a large scale, remains unrealized.
Italy has over 12,000 cases of the coronavirus — the highest number in Europe.
The same medicine can cost two, three, even six times as much as its lowest price at pharmacies only a few miles apart, data from GoodRx show.
The retail giant will only give customers a seven-day supply of the painkillers.
Suppose two jumbo jets crashed every day, killing a total of about 365,000 people in a year. Remarkably enough that's about the level of carnage caused every year in our country by avoidable medical mistakes.
What does this mean for every current patient, as well as all the rest of us potential patients?
The cost of life-saving drugs can be prohibitive in this country, many times more than what people from other countries pay for the same drugs. As a result, 35 million Americans don't fill their prescriptions, cut their pills in half or otherwise don't comply with their medication regimen.