I was basically an agent, like in Entourage. Except I also produced content, I could wear jeans more often and I had a soul.
As Facebook's popularity among teens is starting to wane, you might be wondering what the new "it" social network is. But the days of a one-stop shop for all social networking needs are over.
Not every aspect of the new controller is a step forward, though. Holding it in my hands for the first time was really unsatisfying
To anyone who has ever received the dreaded "k" in response to your thoughtful text or chat or actual conversation IRL... we
Pheed Communications Director Chrysta Olson joins us live to discuss the first app in the world that allows users to watch streaming pay-per-view broadcasts from their mobile devices.
Instagram did come under fire late last year after changing its terms of service. Users worried that the app could sell their
"Today, I don't feel like doing anything." If this is how you felt when you woke up this morning... you're not alone. Unfortunately
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The catchphrase for Pheed, which launched in October 2012, is, "A new way to express yourself." Whether you want to do so in text, photos, videos, audio, voice or live broadcast, Pheed offers all of that functionality. Other social networks offer some of that, but not all of it.
Is Pheed the New Twitter? Miley Cyrus seems to think so. As does Ashley Tisdale, David Guetta, Paris Hilton, Chris Brown