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Three of the people who investigated the mortgage meltdown said The Big Short got a lot right, but it also left out a lot. And former FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair said it made her "mad."
Greece may be out of the headlines, but it is not off the Greek-American community’s agenda.
If this government finally wants to send a signal to Main Street that it is no longer in the embrace in the tentacles of Wall Street, there is one person who won her spurs in spirited confrontation with Wall Street's power brokers and can wear their enmity as a badge of honor.
Regulators overseeing the nation’s largest financial institutions are distrustful of their bosses, afraid to speak out, and feeling isolated, according to a confidential survey this year of Federal Reserve employees. Zach Carter joins Ahmed to discuss.
“But the Fed has always had a problem with this,” the regulator added. Regulators scattered across the 12 regional Fed banks
These days, the business sections of newspapers read like rap sheets. Money laundering. Price fixing. Bid rigging. Securities fraud. Talking about the mob? No, unfortunately. Wall Street.
Greg Smith violated the ancient code of all mafia organizations: he spilled the game to the public. His former colleagues at Goldman Sachs no doubt now see him as a "rat."
"We just might do a good thing for America, and along the way get a great return on investment," says the letter to prospective
Three years after Wall Street came unhinged, there has been too little progress made in fixing our financial system so that it works for all Americans, not just the titans of finance, and there have been few consequences for those who drove our economy over the cliff.