Phil Bredesen

In the singer's letter to the organization, she wrote that she felt “inspired” by its work combating a series of anti-LGBTQ bills in the state.
Many conservatives are mad at the singer for endorsing a Democrat in Tennessee's Senate race.
Swifties roasted the former Arkansas governor for shrugging off the singer's support for Phil Bredesen in the U.S. Senate race in Tennessee.
"In the past I’ve been reluctant to publicly voice my political opinions, but due to several events in my life and in the world I feel differently about that now,” Swift wrote.
The musicians were at an event for U.S. Senate candidate Phil Bredesen in Nashville.
Rep. Steve Cohen said he was joking, and doesn’t wish Rep. Marsha Blackburn any harm.
Immigration is an explosive subject that raises many questions with no clear resolution. No one here legally should be a target in the United States. Not in Arizona. Not anywhere.
My initial assumption, that a gun owner would simply parrot the NRA line, likely reflects the thinking of many politicians
As governors in nine states, mostly in the South, consider rejecting millions of dollars in federal stimulus money for increased
Tennessee and Georgia may turn down some of the economic stimulus money if the restrictions outlined in the package cause
Another name being discussed is Tennessee governor Phil Bredesen. Like Sebelius, his experience has been outside of Washington
As far as the idea of a superdelegate primary goes, Senator Clinton spoke to Bredesen and said that "she would love to have