Phil Bronstein

It sparked memories of her ill-fated trip to the Los Angeles Zoo in 2001.
Does it really matter how bin Laden died? I wouldn't have cared if the SEALs had coaxed him into playing a fraternity drinking game and then slipped something into his beer when he wasn't looking.
Bronstein's Esquire story noted that the Navy SEAL's post-service situation was to purchase private health insurance. The
Reporter Phil Bronstein discusses his interview with the Navy SEAL who killed Osama Bin Laden, who has no pension, no health care and no protection for his family.
When asked by Stars and Stripes about that option, Bronstein stood by his reporting, adding that no one ever told the SEAL
SEAL Says Navy Abandoned Him After He Shot Bin Laden
Calling the case an "abomination," the San Francisco Bay Guardian editorialized: But it's been a circus from day one. And
Needless to say, sources inside the newsroom tell us that the imminent change and "shit communication" between higher-ups
The reporter isn't and should almost never be the story. Or try hard not to be, no matter how much "personal brand" work our social media experts tell us is essential to survive the tornado of change that's tearing up our old ideas.
Most journalists know someone who knows someone they could contact if they wanted to hack into phones. I've never hired a hack to hack. But in the British tabloid world, competition for scandalous scoops is much more cutthroat than it is here.