phil jackson

The comedian watched an awkward clip of himself in "The Last Dance" and broke it down for Jimmy Kimmel.
Jackson mentored the Los Angeles Laker for more than 10 years. They won five NBA championships together between 2000 and 2010.
Whether it's really him or not is beside the point.
"It can give you the chills sometimes," he said of his decades covering the NBA.
Recent friction between Carmelo Anthony and Knicks management proves it is time for the star forward to move on to better things.
The Detroit Pistons coach should be applauded for identifying his own biases.
No one is better qualified to play "Howard Whisperer" than the Zen Master himself. Phil has taken troubled souls and righted their ships. If Phil could focus Rodman, he can surely strum Howard's sensitive heartstrings.
The worst owner in the NBA did the best thing, for once.
Math. Path. Wrath. This has been the process through which Bernie Sanders' supporters travel. They don't get the math, so they continue to see his path, and if you disagree and speak to the realities of the campaign, you'll reap their wrath. And what's their main fuel? The super delegates.
Kobe doesn't care. Never did. And I believe the reason why he doesn't care is because the only thing he loves more than the game of basketball itself is the life lessons it holds for him and for us all.
Management is one of the most important jobs in the music industry. It is also one of the most overlooked. When a manager is doing their job then the talent and outside world do not notice.
The prodigious 7-foot Latvian might be Europe's biggest megastar yet.